Chakrata: Living one day in the cold mountain

We spent our 3 days of a weekend trip to Chakrata. We all were so much excited for this trip which was organized by our company. It was the first time indeed, when we were going to this place situated at the border of Himachal Pradesh & Uttaranchal.

We were informed that this is a colder place so even in the month of June in India. So we didn’t forget to pack our woollen wears like, jacket and cap.  We begun for the journey to Chakrata at 9 o’clock in the morning from Dehradun, and it took 3 hours to reach (as we have stopped in Kalsi, enroute Chakrata to have breakfast).
We reached there at 12 o’clock and then we all directly headed toward our hotel rooms where we had stayed as we were tired enough. Our north-east facing hotel was situated at a wonderful location from where we could get a wonderful view of the Himalaya and other places in just a glance. After two hour rest we had lunch and then again went back to our room, we had to had enough rest so that in evening we could go out for the market of Chakrata.
Well, we all spent these three unforgettable days in the picturesque meadows of Chakrata which are like seized in our memories forever. The mountains, the folks, the environment, the cool breezes, the food, the market and Tiger fall everything was just perfectly alright.

Tiger Fall

Love trekking?… Then you can reach there on foot and at the 5 kms of distance from Chakrata. It is a pleas

ant water fall, from a height of 50 mts. mingling into a small pond creating a magical effect in the surroundings. At the height of 1395 mts above the sea level in the north east of Chakrata. Thickly forest and a beautiful view create it an ideal place for mesmerizing outing.
Chakrata Market: From the place where the bus and other transportation vehicles stops there’s one way goes on the right hand side to Chakrata market and left hand side whereas on the right hand side the place where we had started our journey from. Chakrata market is very beautiful and 5 minute way from the bus stop. Basically, inhabitated by Tibetans and Jaunsaari folks, it is a small congested market market occupied by house and shops of villagers.


From Chaferata this place 16 kms away and is surrounded by dense forests and lies at an altitude of 3025 mts. Here you can get a panoramic view of the Himalayan ranges.

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